Adrian Hayden 


Owner, Lead Designer

  I was at the barn with the horses and the sparrows fluttered through in the winter. I passed a rose bush with a single bright bloom, while the rest of the vine was empty and withered from the cold. It was time for this little bird to start spreading some wings come spring and begin bringing flowers and joy to others in their times of celebration. Rose and Sparrow was born out of a decade of passion for working with nature's gifts, flowers and the hands, and a call to be of greater service.  

  The rose signifies the life, the sparrow death, the light and the dark, the contrast that is ever existent. I discovered in my own way I have a design style reminiscent of creating a 'nest', and I love using a blend of light and darker materials to create dimension, contrast and juxtaposition in my arrangements. Using many of nature's seasonal gifts from my endless outdoor wanderings I like to blend flora in all its life stages, including dried, with fresh pieces...seeing the beauty all ways, not just in the flower's prime.                                                            

  Born in Oklahoma, raised in Massachusetts, finishing school in Northern California, back East to New York, and off to Germany for University, this traveling bird has been across the country and the world exploring lands and cultures and taking a piece with her everywhere she travels. Landing in Central Washington has allowed this country girl a balance with city life, and a little quiet place to finally settle down. Washington State has everything from rainforest to desert, divided by a mountain pass where waterfalls hide on each side, where deeper lush bouquets, lighter dried and romantic arrangements, or high alpine dramatic floral decor can be created for any event in any setting. With a special love of nature, R&S blends hand foraged greenery and materials whenever possible with fresh florals to create a unique, luxurious and natural aesthetic, reminiscent of the surrounding landscape and season.


  With a passion for travel and exploring different terrain and culture, R&S is honored to travel for your big day. We love designing outdoors, and bringing the outdoors in, creating large scale pieces as though 'they grew there'. Let us help make your day the most magical and memorable. 

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